Friday, April 25, 2008

Lessons from Chess 4

Death by Self Entrapment

Had a disappointing streak with Chess ever since I returned back from Perth ... been getting my ass kick by almost everyone even folks with Level 1 status (I'm already a Level 4)

and most of the time, it was becos I lost my Queen due to my careless mistake ... yup I often take my Queen for granted and forgot to care for her as much as I should had ...

today, it happened again.

My Queen was exposed to in coming attacks and I didn't realized it until it was too late. I wanted to give up but lucky I managed to makan a few of my opponent's major pieces so beside the lost of my Queen, I was slightly better with my other long distance movable pieces.

as my opponent was attacking me, I bunch my Castles, Knight n Bishops together to attack his Queen. He on the other hand, hide his King behind three Pawns and move his Castle out , preparing to attack me.

I sacrifice my Bishop to lure his Castle out so that my Castles that are position to pretend to be attacking his Queen could zoom down to face his King in a tight corner ...

had to wait a while and when I finally got to zoom down to the final line with his Castle, I was surprise to find that I didn't get a Checkmate. It turn out that his Queen was in a position to zoom back for a last bid effort to safe his Queen. Lucky after some fore planning, it will probably turn out to be a mass massacre on his side and will just delay the inevitable ...

the most siok win for the longest period of time !

Lessons Learn
Don't over Protect Your King
Losing Queen is not the End Yet

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