Saturday, March 01, 2008

Explorers of the Abandon City

3 Ninjas Wannabes

It's been a long time coming and finally we visited the Infamous Abandon City in Singapore. A couple of months ago, Stefan told me that Abandon City will be torn down soon and we wanted to visit it before it's truly razed to the ground ... but as usual, we procrastinated and nothing happened. Until last night when we chatted about the new project that I was heading and we thought must definitely go see what Abandon City got to offer.

Heng it's still standing ... as the information provided by a photo forum, it was possible to go into the city as the parts of the wood planks that are used to block the main entry had been dislodged. After taking a peek, I decided to just venture in and discover the bloody mess

Glass were smashed all over floor ... Metal pieces lying everywhere and when I turn around, I found Loki and Stefan still discussing at the main wooden gate

Wah Lao er !!! Not very stealthy isnt it ??? had to rushed them in so that we won't be discovered so soon : )

The internal gate was sealed and there was really no way going thru by that way... ( here we have Stefan Not believing the Sign) so it was either making our ways to the left or to the right for our journey towards the city .... (which we finally chose the "right" way to go in)Incidentally , both ways were creepily dark and we regretted not bringing our touch lights as we thought it was only going to be a day trip

How Dark ?

It was this dark ... and this picture was taken with Flash ... Plus what was once thought to be chippy and cutesy now look morbid and evil .... yeah I am talking about those smiling faces on the tree

(Loki in the Isabella mood )

Nevertheless, we soon find bright lights in front of us ... (Noooooooo not that kind of bright light at the end of the tunnel... not yet)

(more coming later)

After Sneaking into the city, I realized that it was a must for any Self-respecting Singapore Film Buffs to visit this place at least once in their life! ... It was supposed to be the city that will put Singapore as the major player in film production in Asia but ended up as nothing more than a Abandon Junkyard. Although there was only one film made there ... there were potential for this place to grow but somehow it did not ... Should take a look and see what was made for this city ... see the effort and such that's going to be gone soon

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