Tuesday, February 26, 2008

08 Oscar afterthoughts ... My Oscar Thank U Speech

For my group of Oscar kaki punters, the past two winners of previous Oscar pool and I had a neck to neck race till the last catergory before all our bets were the same.

And I like to thank Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova's Falling Slowly, Freeheld and Taxi to the Darkside for going my way, therefore allowing me to win the $20 pot of Oscar pool.

Falling Slowly (my current Earworm now) gave me the lead over Stefan (1st Yr Winner), Freeheld helped me held Mei (2nd Yr Winner) from coming on par with me and Taxi to the Darkside made sure everyone except Shaiful stayed at their respective scoreline ... thrus sealing the fate of all those had betted.

Now to trival observation ... I didn't managed to guess any category right by myself which unlike Stefan and Mei whom both got 2 categories right by themselves. My total number of correct guesses were the same as Mei's winning score from previous year.

and to my 2 cents worth of Afterthoughts .... hehehe more Transformer bashing !!! nominated for 3 technical awards and winning none ! tho I betted on them, I am just glad that this horrible movie about my favourite robots back in the 80s won none ... now I can't wait to get my hands on the Bourne Ultimatum : )


Stefan S said...

Congratulations! :D

How's it feel to stand at the winner's podium? :D

richardlimjr said...

Lovely ... would like to stand on it for the next few years .... in a row would be great : ) hahaha