Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I just won a DVD from Screensucked!

Special Thanks to Stefan .... this won't be possible if you didn't share it with me : ) let me know, I will lend you the dvd when it's here : )

Recently, I took part in a Wallace and Gromit Dvd giveaway contest from Screensucked, thinking that it's unlikely that I will win but went ahead because I had always wanted to get that dvd.

Then recently Stefan himself won a X Files Season 4 box set from that blog and I thought it will be highly unlikely that another Singaporean will win again so soon from them.

But hey hey hey ... the biggest surprise after coming back from Cloverfield, all charged up to rush a review before the dateline tomorrow was checking my email. It turned out that I won the Wallace and Gromit Dvd from Screensucked.

One thing for sure ... they didn't sucked ! hahahaha

anyway, I had already email back with my postal address and will be checking my letter box every single day for the dvd : ) Stefan's item only took one day to reach him so I really can't wait ....

Plus I can share it with my Nephew ... something less violent for him to watch .... really happy right now

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