Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the capacity of the human mind

Went to catch a surprise screening with Stefan and CK. While waiting, a group came in and sat beside me. When they were walking in, I sort of guess that it's likely that the bunch will talk during the movie and true enough, the couple beside me started yakking early on in the movie ...

initially, it was the thrill of figuring out what the movie was (The MIST)... even Stefan gave a "yahoo" when the movie title came up so I kept my peace but as the movie went on, so did the constant yakking beside me.

I thought I was the only one who was trying to keep my cool and I was rather surprise to find that Stefan and I both turned to the couple at the same time to hush them ... he gave the "shhhh" and I told them nicely to pls stop talking.

they were quiet for a while but before long, they had to say something to each other. I was thinking of making a move to the seats in front but as the movie had chaos going on and their background noise were folks speaking, so it didn't bother me that much.

Then something happened which amused me instead of irritated me ...

A gun appear on the screen and the guy beside me utter


Then when an Axe appeared ... he said "AXE" like it was a discovery of something special

I was so tempted to ask him ... why he couldn't keep his thoughts in ah ? of cos it's a gun and an axe ... so bloody obvious .... is this brain capacity so small that he can't help saying the obvious ???

then I heard "Spider" from him which almost cause me to laugh out loud. For once a talker amused me instead of irritating me

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