Friday, December 14, 2007

Mass DDD Purchases :2nd Batch here liao !

Surprise Surprise ... it's here ... the second batches that were shipped on the 3rd Dec 07 were sitting in my post box

Given that yesterday's batch was shipped on the 23rd Nov ... I was kinda expecting that it will take at least 10 more days before the second batches reach and most likely to be after Christmas but but but they are all here and the best bit is ... everyone save 1.80 per title !

so who are the lucky folks???

well did you order a certain Hairspray ???

there U go ....
OH ya ... the covers are different so quick msg me to tell me which cover u prefer and I will keep for u ... I only got 2 youngster n 1 oldie cover ... soooooooo fastest finger first

and then there's Peiyu's batch .... which had a surprise of it's own ... the Pan Labyrinth (which Shaiful also order) came with a slipcase .... and this slipcase came with a golden foil cum embossed cover .... kinda weird cos I order Shaiful's version first but it didn't come with it and yet the latter order got it .... shouldn't they send out all the slipcase versions first ??? just plain weird

Mei's X Files Vol 5 .... just in time for the 2nd movie hor ? ^

Backdraft to mark the last of Stefan's dvds from DDD ... the first guy who ordered more than one dvds to get all his stuff !

and mine own .... also got surprises of it's own ... the Election Cover that I saw when making the order was with lead actor n actress standing side by side ... while it's more updated version ... i actually prefer the one that I got : )


Your Younger Brother said...

I take the youngster

richardlimjr said...

okie ... shaiful asked for the oldies one so John will take the other youngster cover then