Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mass DDD Purchases :1st Batch here liao !

The Doorbell rang and that made me jump off my seat cos I got a feeling that it's the DvDs (on my way to open the door, I thought if it's the gas man or newspaper man, I will be so disappointed) and WAH LA !!! A BOX of DVDS !!!

and the best bit !!! it bypass MDA !!! Whoot !!!!!!!! siok siok leh !!!! ppl involved ... you dont have to pay that stupid sticker liao !!! hahaha

My Batch

I am pretty glad about my stuff ... specially the slipcases that Terminator 2, Misery and FaceOff came in... that something I wasn't expecting as most DDD's items came without it ... the Terminator 2 one look quite cool and Misery one is different from it's internal cover

Stefan Batch

Still missing Backdraft ... hehe I dig ur Following Cover .... very shinny and can I borrow ur Shaun ??

Shaiful Batch

for a while, I thought they combine shippment with the other batches as I thought Shaiful had nothing on the first batch of dvds purchases but I remember wrongly ... his buying spree started with from the very first batch ... right up to the last one

Robyn Batch

the Bogie & Bacall set came a bit dent on the side ... hope Robyn don't mind abt it

And Ah Kong + Monica Batch

That's all folks .... more to come !

Those who can wait, I will wrap it up as Christmas Prez and give it to u all during Xmas la


Stefan S said...

i can't wait! Huat Ah!

richardlimjr said...

hahah have u even watched one of your dvd yet ?