Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kim Gary @ Sungei Wang

As usual, one of the reason I love going to KL is that my KL tour guide will bring me to great Makan Joint in KL ... and this trip, I was introduced to Kim Gary ... a restaurant that served Hong Kong style food which to me means a lot of cheese baked stuff

Consumed >

Cheese Baked Beef Rice

Goodies > Bloody Good Tomato sauce that makes me wanna lick the container clean

Yuckies > Waited quite a while for my dish to arrive ... I can only assume that they actually steam or baked the item after I made the order

Cost > Around 10 to 14 Bucks

Returning (?) > Can't wait to try other cheesy dishes and the best bit is that there an outlet here in Singapore Vivo City!

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