Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mass DDD Purchases :3rd Batch here liao !

Was slightly disappointed that there wasn't any dvds arriving yesterday but today the mother load of the dvds packaged all came together !!

My Dvds are all here : )
The Cube Dvd was dislodged from it's holder which made it a great excuse to rip open the cd to check for scratches ... Patch Adams was exactly the edition that I wanted but there were multiple pauses and hanging when I played on my Pioneer Dvd Player.

Mei's second batch of dvds are all here too ... funny thing is that the X File Movie Dvd is still not here yet
Robyn's stuff are all here : )
John's OST marks the end of all his stuff
and finally ... the bulk of Shaiful's stuff
Shaiful's American Beauty was missing in this batch ... Just before I fire off an email to DDD, I realized that the invoice had some cancelation via pen .... would just wait to see what's going to happen next..

The amazing bit was that almost all the major batches had all escaped the MDA detour .... hooo hooo !!! Everyone saved 1.80 per title !!! Now just left with a couple more dvds and that all folks! See you next May / June

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