Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Vids that I edited for MX

The Second Video that I edited for MX ... a one on one interview with Peter Chan for his upcoming film, The Warlords ... it will be in three parts .. the first will be the director talking about this film, then the second clip (schedule to be screen next week) will talk about the cast n the character they played and wrap it with the last clip which I got no idea what it will be yet ... hmmm maybe I will work something out like what King Hu did with A Touch of Zen

So what do you think ? Personally, for my own weird reasoning, I am less proud of this than the first one ...

and I posted another video for the Rock Press Conference ... it's a re-edited video which I touched up most of the in between moments ... it just bugged me too much to see the first cut that I got to do it tho no one asked me and I don't think anyone really care about it ... (come to think of it ... I will be editing the video above sooner or later ... maybe after I submit the second video first)

actually there was supposed to be a video montage of The Rock answering questions that are irrelevant to the movie "The Game Plan" but was pretty funny. However one comment woke me up and for the near future, it won't be out (or worked on) ... at least till I have submitted all the Peter Chan's interview video first

as for the Ekin Cheng Video that I mention during my last post on the first video I did for Mx, I didn't do it in the end ... anyway Stefan did it and U can find his video posted here ... of course he is a faster worker compared to me

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