Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My ??? Online DVD purchases : DDDHouse order Shipped & DDD to buy list

After checking my DDDhouse account these past few days ... it's finally shipped ...

Updated (a while later) : DAMN >.. i just checked my email and got one from DDDHOUSE and it mention that ""DVD-Perhaps Love (Golden Limited Edition)" out of print and removed from this order"

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ... that the main reason why I bought Dvds from them in the first place !!! if they let me know earlier .. I would have cancel the whole purchase .... argh ... darn... now have to buy from the rather expensive Commercial Press liao which heng heng their new shop just restocked


on the other hand .. the DeepDiscountDvds 20% sale is going on .... and I'm doing a mass order for my frens ... it's seems that the order is getting bigger and more n more ppl are expressing their interest to buy ... (and no, I am not getting a commission or extra discount for this ... just wanna help get cheaper dvds than those found in our overpriced stores)

Currently ... the highest buyer on my list is ...

Shaiful with 7 !!! (Updated on the 14th Morning)
Little Shop of Horrors
Love Me If You Dare
The Crime of Padre Amaro
Pan's Labyrinth

Stefan with 5
Shaun of the Dead
Children of Men

Shaney with 2
Bogie & Bacall: The Signature Collection
To Kill a Mockingbird

Ah Kong with 1

Monica with 1
Entourage - Season 3, Part 2

the best part is ... I don't even know what to get for myself .... but I'm having fun taking order for others ....


dgital said...

shaiful buying shortbus?..hmmm
Saw that..its practically porn with actual storyline..

richardlimjr said...

pass the porn dude !!! I think he want to test MDA's ability to spot porn from the not porn