Thursday, June 28, 2007

Andrew's Ultraman

recently, Ultraman had a 40th anniversary celebration with a movie that was only released in the Dvd format in Singapore ... when I saw bits of it, it was a jolly good old time to relive my past

since it was rather cheap, only 18 bucks, I got one copy for Andrew to see if he will like it or not ... there's indication he might since he liked Jet Li's Fearless , Ultraman might just be up his alley ...

and I was wrong .... it wasn't like ... it was LOVE !!! I lost the number of times that he watched this movie already .... he liked it so much that whenever he misbehave, I could use Ultraman as a leverage!

Throw things around ... No Ultraman for you!

Don't eat med ... No Ultraman for you!

I think he liked it so much, he hid it under the piano chair but forgotten about it ... making me n his grandma search for hours !

anyway, I happen to see his artwork recently and quite amused at how he colour his version of Ultraman


Stefan S said...

despite its colors, that's a nice looking ultraman

and I want to get my copy! once the price drops LOL

richardlimjr said...

buy from me la !! I foundthe missing mx copy but I alreddy got one for andrew .....

sell u cheap ! 14 bucks !

dont wait too long ... later sold out then u know !

Stefan S said...

now then i see the comment lol


richardlimjr said...

too bad ... it could have been