Thursday, June 28, 2007

the price between friendship

Was arguing with Linus on who the local distributor for the Japanese Movie "Love and Honour"

He kept insisting that it was Scorpio East and I kept insisting that it's Poh Kim until the argument got so heated that he took out his wallet and slammed a 50 dollars onto the table

"I said it's Scorpio East"

I looked at him ... took the 50, nod my head and replied "Ok, it's Scorpio East"

He was very puzzled and explained to me that he was placing a 50 dollars bet with me on the identity of the distributor for "Love and Honour"...

I told him I thought he was buying my conviction : )


sxsy16 said...

lol that's a good one.

richardlimjr said...

hahaha when i approved ur comment ... i was wondering which post got u LOL-ing ... thought it was going to be the Silk Air post and I didn't think anyone will find this one funny but glad it made u Laugh ....

laughing at my cheapo-ness : ) give me 50 cents for that