Thursday, June 28, 2007

Almost witness someone got knock down

Was on my way to Sommerset MRT to collect free newspaper ... I stopped at a traffic light and noticed there a average looking girl listening to headphone, waiting at the opposite side ... since I wasn't in a rush, I stood and studied the surrounding (the buildings, not the girl !)

Suddenly I heard a Loud screech and saw that a Taxi almost hit that lady who is crossing the road

First thing that came into my mind was that what the hurry? why did the lady suddenly jaywalk after waiting for the traffic light to turn green ... and then i noticed as the taxi zoom off ... it was already green light and it was the taxi that tried to beat the lights ...

The lady gave the taxi the hand ... i'm pretty sure she wanted to give the finger but there certain image one must present so .... as I was walking pass her, I was thinking to myself ... "I could have seen you die right in front of me" or badly injured ... your life just pass me by and instead of being grateful or fearful of what just happened, you gave the taxi "the hand" ?

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