Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Story Behind Why I Wanted this Song

Haiz.... I did it again ... Made John seek out songs for me and being the music guru that he is .... he found it for me ... and even got the wma file for me ... (tho a bit disappointed as it wasn't the original singer that I was hopping for but beggar can't be choose right hehehe)

After sending the wma file to me ... he asked "im sure theres a story behind it"

I replied :"what story ?"

and he said : "to why you want this song lor"

Initially, I told him that wasn't one ... but a second later and giving more thought about it ... I realized ... hey there was a story behind why I wanted this Song ...

While I was waiting to cross the street, a strong gust of wind blew some yellow small flowers away from their trees, they floated down like snow flakes and in my mind ... i heard this lady singing "xue hua piao" over n over again ...

I knew Faye Wong cover this Teresa Teng song before and who the biggest Faye Wong fan in my network : ) of cos it's John and just like that, I found out that the song that floated into my mind was 雪中莲

Wanted to post the song here but I am not sure how to do that yet .... akan datang

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