Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Can U guess what this is ???

Can u ??

What do u think this is ???

What could this flimsy device be ????

give up ??

It's all right u know .... no many people got it right ....

To solve the mystery ... all u need to do is

Add a bit of water

and WAH LA ..... it's a pail !!!!

Just gotten it from carrefour cos i need a pail to soak my sweaty tee n shorts from jogging ... the current pails at home are all either too big or specially for Andrew only ... so hunt for a pail at the nearest supermarket and found a fold able pail !

I was so impressed with it! Using gravity to draw the water out actually helps to strengthen the pail's structure ! tried to explain the amazing use of physic to my Mom and I got a "so bo liao, a pail only ... study so much for what ?"

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