Sunday, May 27, 2007

It's a Wacky Mahjong Game again

It's Mahjong time !

and this time, it was with Chew Cher and family (his sister & cousin). It was great fun (not because I won money but) because of the company and the weird things we did when we were really thinking ...

First of, while starting a game ... I gotten a Chicken and Rat tile and said "Chicken Catch Rat " ... of cos it made no sense as only when one get a Chicken / Centipede or Cat / Rat combo will announce it as it's worth some money ... but I said it for fun and wasn't expecting anyone to do anything ... then Chew Cher sister point it out to me that her brother actually turn to get money for me .... the three of us burst into laughter

Then near the final few games, I was already in a daze (my mahjong stamina isn't that good) and I got a Hong Zhong and Fai Cai tiles left ... I gotten another Fai Cai tile, I need to discard the Hong Zhong and hope to Pong the Fai Cai tile if any other players discard it or if I drew it for myself ...

Just when I threw the tile out, the player beside me Pong the Hong Zhong and threw out a Fai Cai ! WHOOO WHOOO ... how lucky can I get ?? so I Pong the Fai Cai and was thinking which tile to throw out ... as I go thru my tiles, I realized that there were already in sets of 3 and I got a pair of eyes

Hey hey hey !!! I have a winning play on hand ! hahaha much to the disgust of the other players

Now ... nothing in this game could top the final one ... before i continue, I got to say, it's the luckiest hand I ever played

once I collected all the tiles, it was pretty good ... Gotten a Rat, a Cock and a Flower 3 which is my number ... so before starting, I already got 3 tai

I got a couple of big tiles on hand even before I start ... the first pair was the Xi (West) tiles, the second pair was a pair of Bai Ban and the third pair was Fai Cai.

If I didn't remember wrongly, it was Chew Cher that threw out the first Xi that started my first pong ... by then, it was already Pao Da (Warning for anyone who throw big tiles cos if I win with that tile that are threw out, the person have to pay for everyone)

then a centipede crawl into my den ! ... I was already bursting the maximum tai that allowed in a game

Chew Cher didn't believe that I was so capable (lucky) in amassing any big tiles, quickly threw out the Bai Ban and Fai Cai in the constructive sequence of play ... and I pong mercilessly with a slight stench of arrogance ... in that highly charged moment (of cos mixed with a dash of haughtiness), I pointed at Chew Cher and told him ... It's going to be U that will feed me my winning tile ! (yes ... bad habit die hard)

and during the gathering of Bai ban & Fai Cai, a pair of Hong Zhong also came and join in the fun ! I was overwhelm with power! if only there wasn't any limits in the tai, the other players will be crying after the game ! if I got another Hong Zhong ... it will be Da Sun Yuan! it's so big that I don't even know how many Tais will there be

of cos I never had a Da Sun Yuan before

and as tho my luck wasn't good enough, I soon have another set of tiles that could help me win the game ... a 3rd and 5th bamboo which is missing only the 4th bamboo

The amazing thing was that what i prophesied came true ... Chew Cher threw a 4th Bamboo ... which made a tempting pause for me ... since there's no point in waiting for the Hong Zhong as there a limit cap in tai, I yield to my temptation and game ... (the winning sequence as shown below)

Rat = 1 Tai , Cock = 1 Tai, Flower 3 = 1 Tai , Xi Feng = 1 Tai, Centipede = 1 Tai, Bai Ban = 1 Tai, Fai Cai = 1 Tai, Pan Sze (Half Color) = 2 Tai (the mixing of the Bamboo and other Big tiles) , Xiao Sun Yuan = 2 Tai (the Fai Cai, Bai Ban & Hong Zhong combo)... adding to a total of 11 Tai !

and if by our rates of 10 cents / 20 cents without the tai limit cap, I would have won$204.80 from Chew Cher and $102.4 from each of the other two player ... adding up to a total of $409.6

but of cos ... we weren't out to burn each other pockets so it just work out to $3.20 from Chew Cher and $1.60 from each of the other two players ...

so in the end, To make matters simple, I used my winnings to pay for the dinner dinner and a drink that Cher got for me ($5 + $1)

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