Friday, May 25, 2007

Twister Hit Singapore !!!

Ok ... technically it's just a waterspout but hey ... it's kinda exciting ... specially if u see the video clip posted below ... it actually spun a ship !!!!

When Stefan told me about the Twister / Water Spout ... I didnt thought much of it until the radio reported it ... then when I saw the pix from Wei's blogspot (amazingly, he is in Taipei but he still got his fingers tap to the local network news better than I do) ... It's something to be excited about ...

Picture from Wei's blog (with Permission)

quite incredible .. cos this pix was taken from Suntec area and folks from Expo (Stefan n Gang) said they could see it too !!! it must be damn big : )

anyway, thanks to Stefan, here a clip of the Twister moving a ship ... amazing

I have a renew urge to chase Twister in USA

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Stefan S said...

the US one will spin cows and trucks