Sunday, May 27, 2007

I found myself on websites that I never knew existed

struggling to stay awake in the ungodly hours of 11am ... (it's ungodly when u slept at 5am, just a few hours ago after Mahjong), my younger brother asked if I wrote certain movie reviews a couple of years ago ... at first I thought I kanna slam by other ppl or what not .... hey it turn out that I was quoted at some other movie / dvd websites as a promo : ) haha what a relief

check it out at
and once my fave dvd website to visit for information and dvd database SO "Proud" to be Feature on their website : )

Can U imagine how big my ego became ??? hahaha

but wait a min ... they didn't pay us for using the quotes ... maybe should start to sue them ... earn some pocket money : )

my younger brother also thought that I wrote another review and was feature somewhere else but it turned out that it wasn't me as I wasn't even aware of the information presented in that review ... now now ... one cannot be too greedy

"Raw, Authentic and Refreshing!" - Richard Lim,

the lazy me told my younger brother that from now on, my reviews will just be one liner ... cos my one liner will Gao Dim (take care) of the whole movie review ... yeah call me Mr One Liner


Your Younger Brother said...

You are actually immortalised on the back cover! Want to get a copy or not?

This is so unreal yet so real!

richardlimjr said...

hahaha yes i want !! haha i was just thinking of how cool would it be if i ever find my name on a dvd cover !! hahah Eat ur Heart Out Stefan !!!