Tuesday, May 29, 2007

immortalize me in ways i never expect

after finding my name on websites that I never expect (click here to find out), I was thinking how cool it would be if one day, I would find my name on some dvd cover ???

the closest I seen was Stefan's movie review blog on a local movie poster and even then, I was so excited for him ... pretty cool to get this kind of recognition

and today ... my younger bro drop the bomb on me ... turn out that my movie quote was not only used in websites but on the back of the cover too !!! CHECK IT OUT!!

I never expect that i will hit the "limelight" so soon !!!! (actually its kinda late cos I think the Dvd out for a couple of years liao) hehehe well ... Stefan : ) Catch UP ah !!!

hahah now seriously considering of getting this dvd !


Lecter said...



I also want the DVD leh! How to get/

richardlimjr said...

haha buy from US online seller lor : ) haha

YO LECTER ... We watched this movie together !!! and even interviewed the actress for MX : ) good old days hor