Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When u know it's not suay* enough

* = unlucky

Was suppose to take some stuff over to one of my near by shops .... and just before I left my place, it started raining ... since there was time, i decided to wait and hey ! the rain actually stopped!

but then , since it's still early, i dilly dally and the msg keep popping out in my mind ... "Delay often have dangerous means or endings" aka not good to delay and true enough ... it started to rain !

argh ... and time was running out as i gotto meet my fren after dropping off my stuff ...

so i decided to brave the rain .. and among the three packages, i could have drop one but was too lazy as it meant that i have to bring it down again another day ... so lugging three bags full of stuff .. i begun my journey

pass by the car ... i was tempted to drive over but the the ERP n the short distance made the cheapo in me to go ahead with the stupid plan of juggling umbrella with 3 bags

then the rain came stronger n harder ... punishing my stupid idea of saving that two bucks ... before half way there, my pants already soaking wet

now ... a scary thought crept into my mind ... what worse that could happen to u ! yes .. the shop not open and true enough ... it wasn't

cursing and swearing ... i knew i cant meet my fren with all the stuff .. and that only mean i have to go back and drop all the stuff ...

and when i was down .. the rain was just pouring on full blast ! argh

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