Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good Enuff as BF material !

Yesterday, I went down to NLB to pass my fren a horror movie pass. She was there to meet her friends before going to the cinema and I managed to catch her before she gather with her friends ... caught a glimpse of her friends and did a bit of wave to them before leaving my fren to do my stuff

fast forward to today ... my fren msn me and told me that one of her guy friend commented to her ... why not consider me to start a relationship with !!!

hehehe oh boy i was so flattered ... for a stranger to consider me worthy to be of boyfriend material to his friend just by that one encounter (without even any exchange of words) ... but maybe he is just worried ... and wonder if I am one of his potential enemy hehehe ... so was just saying that to check her response ! hehehe

Good LEH !

Quote Time

"What really flatters a man is that you think him worth flattering" (George Bernard Shaw)

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Deed said...

Well..I believe you are too nice to be one of her friend's potential enemy heh. Check her response? Hmm..maybe you check out her response when u meet up with her, face to face heh=P