Thursday, March 15, 2007

i , parking attendant

Came back after a jog, a Chinese lady waved at me .... someone that I have never seen in my estate and I am pretty sure she is not someone that I know.

I waved and tried to walk away but it turned out that she is calling me over to help her park her car!

jump forward to later on, after i told my mom what just happened and she said it happened to her before too ... as in she asked ppl to help her park cos it was a narrow parallel parking and there was a drain which scares my mom

but the case here was that there were 3 empty lots and basically, she had already parked the car except she couldn't align it so that the car won't be slanted.

Rather amused, i warned her that I am sweating ... to which, she said she was too after many failed attempts

so i got her keys, hop into the car and start the engine ... the first thing that happened was that the car seat started moving towards the steering wheel and there was no where of stopping it! the first thought that came into my mind was the movie Grindhouse's Deathtrap!

What if she is trying to kill me with the front car seat !

What if i get snapped into 2? oh darn !!! I am in a horror movie !!! I knew something's wrong with the whole scenario ...

then the lady came n opened the door to help me stop the death crush! it turned out that the Jaguar remembered her seating pattern and so whenever the engine get started, the driver seat will move to it's favourite position .... (but i thought, even she is short ... also dont have to sit so upfront, no wonder cannot see the side mirror to park the car properly).

in matter of secs ... I parked her Jaguar and gave her some tips about parking ... i know it's scary but if don't practice, won't learn one ... I really wonder how she drive her car on the road ... should be those who give female drivers a bad name one : )


Stefan S said...

i always wonder why those who lack skills, like to drive big assed cars

richardlimjr said...

hahahaha ... not too sure abt that ... but it hink for this case, it must be her family or close fren who gotten the car for her ... or maybe she got too much money to spend ...

will try to check with her if i ever bump into her again ... hmmm maybe she can be my sugar mummy : ) hehehe i always wonder how issit like to be a small little white face !