Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar 2007: Afterthoughts

The Winners and Losers

Last Year Winner came in last and out of no where, a dark horse came out and left everyone in the dust ... even before the race was officially over ..

Nope I wasn’t talking about the Oscar Winners or Loser ... I am talking about Oscar Bets that we are had this year!

the Dark Horse (Mei) took off from the first category and by the 4th category, the Sound Editing, none of us could even stay on par with her ... our last hope (for Shaiful and Me) was that we get the Film Editing right and she got it wrong which might give us more hope at the final category where our choice differ again ... but The Departed helped Mei departing from the rest of the group for good.

For the Major categories, there isn't really any upset except for Eddie Murphy who didn't get the Best Supporting Actor award ... which I am pretty glad that because Alan Arkin of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE got it ... Best Original Song was quite a surprise where the 3 Songs from Dreamgirls couldn’t make it in the end.

I was hopping that Little Miss SunShine would win the Best Picture too Since Departed was a Hong Kong rip off remake, The Queen was too British, Letters from Iwo Jima was too Japanese and Babel was too everywhere ... Little Miss SunShine was a testament to the independent spirit of film making and the only film among it's group that really touch me (if I seen it in 2006, I am pretty sure there a place for LMS in my top ten)

While watching the Oscars in the comfort of our own home, Shaiful and I decided to have a few side bets ... One was on Babel not winning any awards which I initially thought the odds was against Shaiful until the final results showed how close I was to losing a movie pass to him ... and thinking back, it's quite a long short for a composer to win back to back (plus amidst all the bad reviews)

The other one was on an upset that I hope will become a long tradition in Oscar and that Clint beating Marty for Best Director again .. which didn't happened (yawn) and Marty finally got his first one (moot point: couldn't have done it without the help of Hong Kong!)

My Prediction

I did rather badly this year ... compared to last year which I got 12 / 19 right .. this year (we open all the category for guessing) and I only got 11 / 24 right

Instead of showing the categories I got wrong this year, here are those that I got right

Actor in a Leading Role
Actress in a Leading Role
Best Director
Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Original Screenplay
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Original Score
Best Documentary Feature
Best Documentary (Short Subject)
Best Makeup
Best Short Film (Live-Action)


Was Quite Sad that 6 /7 of the Oscar Kaki couldn't make it to my place for the Oscar ... Maybe I wasn't a good host last year so no one want to come to my place ... sigh ... 5 cited work and 1 cited better Oscar coverage with her cable leaving only me and Shaiful who are still on about watching it together ... but in the end, I cancel it because I got a little terror who will be having his routine crying and hogging of TV in the morning

But still it was fun chatting with Shaiful over the MSN while watching the Oscar ... I also realized I spend so much time tabulating the score that I didn't really watch the Oscar but hey, at least it's keeping me awake in the morning

Don't think I will open house next year since the respond was sooooo bad : (

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