Sunday, January 14, 2007

VP& LP’s Wedding Day: Part 3 “The Unavoidable Drinking Session”

There are a few friends that I am considering of striking off from my wedding guests list ... I already had a friend who got admitted to hospital during his wedding night becos of this group of friends

but then .. without them .. it just didn’t seem that fun

When I say fun .. I meant rioting fun

There no way of getting away from drinking with them … ironically this bunch was supposed to help the couple block drinking challenges from the guests but there weren’t any serious challenges so Groom stayed relatively alcohol free the whole night.

They waited n waited … waited for all the guests to leave … waited for the Groom to settle the bill with the restaurant manager and they waited … there just not denying them from hardcore drinking with the Groom

I pity the Groom … even the bride who wanted to go and help out the Groom left shaking her head … uttering that this is unavoidable one

So we drunk n drunk … I only had a cup of red wine n that was enough to knock me out … I sat there stone n could only witness the bargaining between the Groom and the gang of alcohol terrorist (thinking back, I think it was a good choice to lay low cos I won’t get hit by the flying alcohol around me)

After finally making the Groom finish the whole bottle of hard liquor, this rowdy bunch still wanna have more fun at their hotel room … making so much noise that I was expecting the other guests to come out of their room to shut us up (but no one did or maybe the hotel was empty ?)

When they finally let the Groom retired back to his room … it was puke fest time! The first one let go at the corridor. I quickly ask them to leave the hotel before anyone caught that… and then there was more puking at Orchard Road … each of the guilty terrorists took turn in puking and it was such a funny sight.

I could still remember my last puking experience (last Chinese New Year at the first puker’s place) and it’s a damn horrible feeling. But getting it out will only make one feel so much better.

The first puker still made a date with the rest to do another drinking session at his place during this coming CNY. The gang leader who is also the next Groom to be also seems to be anticipating the drinking session during his weddings … all this while they are puking their guts out …

Sigh .. I could only shake my head at them … it’s so hurtful to their health but yet they want more ! but then … seeing how the next Groom tekan this one … I think I will also challenge him with what I can on his wedding day … hahaha die die also must drink!

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