Sunday, January 14, 2007

VP& LP’s Wedding Day: Part 2 "My Traumatic Experience as a Wedding MC"

Okie it's not that traumatic as the title sound but it's definitely an experience that i won't forget for a long time ... even fell a bit in love but then it's not meant to be : )

Was supposed to meet at 5.30pm to practice but overslept a bit ... was a bit unwilling to go so early becos from the experience this morning ... nothing starts on time n a lot of time wasted on waiting ... maichiam like SAF, rush to wait n wait to rush

But i didnt play punk ... reached 10 mins after the scheduled meet up time only to find out that I was the second guy to reach ... the rest are either still on their way or busy making up

did a bit of run thru with the floor manager n had to rewrite the script a bit but my co host was still not around so gotto wait for her to turn up before we can do a mic check

waited n waited

it was 7.15pm , 15 mins before the guests are allowed into the ballroom and still no sight of my co host

and then she turned up ... looking very stunning in her white dress and my frustration subsides . just before i can usher her into the ballroom, she introduce me to her soon to be hubby

tsk tsk tsk (no crazy comments that I still got a month to break people's marriage ah)

We did a run thru with the floor manager again and was ready for our first mic practice

and hey, i didnt sound as bad I thought it would be : ) I actually sound quite ok! not as whiney as I was expecting ... my speech didnt went that smooth as I was reading from the card and some of the words were on the other line, resulting in a pause that shouldnt be there.

my co host was really good ... she done mc-ing on events before but it's her first wedding and she handled it very well, every line came out smoothly and gracefully

after our first n only practice ... we went on to praise each other for doing very well ... yeah her hubby also set our mind at ease by saying that it was good ...

but still .. I wasn’t satisfied ... so i rewrote my speech card into lines where each line finish by it's own so I didn’t have to do unnecessary pauses

and that when my secondary history teacher turned up ... i quickly refered some words to her and she pointed out that i got it wrong .. very funny wrong

solemnization came out as sodom(y)-isation

but she gave a very good advice … no one actually listen to the MC during wedding dinner. And it was so very true … people don’t really listen and are just going thru the wedding dinner routine

the two major boo boo I made was the word “solemnization” … pronounced it as sol before pausing n reverting to saw … my secondary teacher n my number 1 fan caught that … and then there the Champagne Fountain Ceremony which I stumble and got the word Champagne wrong … don’t know why leh … after I got back to the table, I had no problem in getting that word right

Overall I thought I did quite well (well enough for the next Groom to “hire” me back as MC)… enjoy the camaraderie with the co host very much. Although I only knew her that day, getting the support from her to go thru an event like this was quite extraordinary … it like I can face the whole world and fret not … if she not married, I might consider asking her out for a date … terrifying but very satisfying

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