Sunday, January 14, 2007

VP& LP’s Wedding Day: Part 1 “Morning Sabo”

6.30am : The Longest Day Begun

Meeting up at the Groom (Victor)’s place for the last minute touch up and some items check … I was there on time with the Xiong Di but the Groom wasnt there ... so we start bitching abt whether is there a need to meet so early when we only need to reach the bride place at 7.30pm (so early sure no traffic, plus it's Sunday )

lucky the Groom turn up in his blazing suit n 2 hotdog buns and all is forgiven : )

7.30am to 8am : Sabo Time

Tried to delay going for the Sabo time but parking was rather easy (cos we anyhow park ... was told we got wedding flowers attached on our car n that our mian si qing pai) so bo bian had to follow the Groom up to face the tradtional Sado from the Jie Meis

the first round was the standard Sour Sweet Bitter & Spicy treatment ...

Sour = Sucking on a few slices of Lemon
Sweet = one cup of melted Chocolate
Bitter = some tastless crackers which wasn't quite bitter
Spicy = Wasabi on Mashmellow .. (heng ah , not chilli or curry)

during the first round ... I noticed that the Jie Meis weren't that solid in their tekkaning (weak in their torturing).

why ?

1. They only ask for hong bao but never made any demands on how much they want from the Groom.

2. They close the main door too often and didnt supervise us in finishing our dishes ... giving us a lot of chance in throwing them away while they are not looking.

Then it's round two; the Groom and the Xiong Di had to finish one tub of chocolate IceCream within the span of 1 song ... sound fun and easy ? er not when it's early in the morning n u just had Wasabi

of cos no matter how we tried , we couldnt finish it ... was expecting a sabo for the Groom but it didnt happened and we were given the chance to finish that tub with another song ... and that wasnt a problem cos we were already half way done liao

Lastly round three .. which lucky the Xiong Dis didnt have to do ... Groom singing a song to the Bride ... hmmm Victor came prepared and his song ... that Adam Sandler's remote control song from The Wedding Singer movie

a bit out of tune but then i thought it was quite touching : )

After that, it's the standard stuff, ferrying the Jie Meis from one tea ceremony to another ... I don't know how I made it thru but by the time I ferry the Jie Meis to the hotel, I cant wait to go back home to kong out for 2 hours

yes only 2 hours of sleep n then it's prep time for the speech.

To be Continued

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