Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mock Bachelor Night

Since the tmr Groom didnt want / have the time to "party" before his wedding, a Xiong Di* and I went out with a couple of our friends to chat ...

so why do i consider it as a Mock Bachelor Night ??? cos we chat until it's freakin late (or should i say early) and by the time we are done, it's only 2 hours before the scheduled Xiong Di meet up ...

u know those shows where the groom had a hard time waking up after the party and almost late to pick up the bride ... and the groom look stone for the wedding day .. that what i experienced ... well not the waking part but the very tired bit was very true

Chinese Wedding Day event is a very tiring event ... if there any valuable lesson i learnt is that proper well rest before that day is very very important ... won't repeat this mistake again!

more to come

* Brothers to assist the Groom ... taking all the tekan sessions and personal slave to the Groom

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