Friday, January 12, 2007

Best Prez of 06: Pride of Bagdad

While I appreciate all the birthday gifts I received this year, Loki's Pride of Baghdad took home the honor as the Best Gift of the year for me. One thing I noticed that over the years, Loki always managed to give me gifts that impressed me or stayed display visibly in my room. Yes he got one hack of choosing gifts for people!

Pride of Baghdad recounts true-life accounts of what happened blend with some imagining of what a group of lions might have encounter after the US Army blasted the zoo gate open. Although it’s written about the exploits of the pack of lions, lots of parallel issues could be drawn from the invasion of US Army. It’s like seeing through the eyes of the innocent that suffers the un-necessities of war, which make one wonder how can it be justifiable to start any war?

It’s quite short and you would be able to finish it in less than an hour but it will leave a long lasting aftertaste in your memory. This is one book that I hoped would get made into a movie.


Anonymous said...

i think he's secretly in love with you.

dgital said...

who the hell this is anonymous dude??

richardlimjr said...

hahaha pretending to be anonymous again ??? well if u say he in love with me .. then he must be : )

he also gave our fren one kick ass lego toys ! ... maybe he also in love with that guy too : )

haha so brokeback