Monday, January 15, 2007

but what for ?

Over at Yahoo! , there another article about breaking up: Surviving The Break-Up Blues

thought it was pretty good write up over there ... with some very useful tips in getting thru the break up blues .. (except Adopt a Pet which i disagree !)

but it was the last 2 paragraphs that asked and answer the question that I been thinking alot nowadays

what the point of having a relationship ? cos the chance of it ending is so high nowadays ... a lot also have to be my fault n my character ... maybe being in a relationship is just not for me ?

Taken From Surviving The Break-Up Blues

What’s the point, right? I myself often wonder that same thing. I mean, what’s the use of going to the trouble of finding someone who’ll probably end up breaking my heart one way or another? Why wait for something that might never come?

The answer is “love”. Love truly does conquer all.

Imagine this: Somewhere in the world there is this amazing person walking around who is completely unaware that you exist and that you both are destined to be together. That person is attractive, smart, fun loving, and has an exquisite sense of humanity. Once you meet that person, you will feel as if you’ve been waiting all your life to meet them.

but then ... like what the last paragraph pointed out ... u never know ... maybe he or she is just round the corner ... (yes i am considering turning gay) ... i just hope i will get to meet that special someone eventually


Your Younger Brother said...

Some hearts are meant to be broken. Let bygones be bygones and move on..smell some new flowers..dude

richardlimjr said...

hahaha wah liew ... why choose such an identity ???

Stefan S said...

Watch the movie Serendipity. Then again, not everyone's a Kate Beckinsale or John Cusack LOL

and when you turn gay, let us all know, so we can protect our backsides from you LOL

richardlimjr said...

hahaha .. dont want la .. later i dont get my $5 dollar back how ?? (must watch Serendipity to understand my last line)

hahaha ... won't tell ... i wanna stick it in when everyone least expect it ! loved the element of surprise