Monday, January 15, 2007

Do U know that ...

U cant be Jie Mei-s for more than 3 times ??? or will be cursed ??? ie kanna left on the shelve ???

wow ! i didnt know that !! hmmm not sure if that the case for Xiong Di but then to play safe, I am going to restrict the number of times that I am going to be Xiong Di to 3 times

1 gone already and I already got another booked in April ... so those who want me to be his Xiong Di, better book early ... first come first serve .. after the third time, I am going to retire from the Xiong Di scene for good (Gold Basin Wash Hand)

dont want to end up as a lonely old maid man


Your Younger Brother said...

Like I mentioned, I booked u for the last time (better putdown black & white in case u forgot)..Driver, Emcee and Flower boy!

richardlimjr said...

Okie then ! I am officially Fully Booked as a Xiong Di.