Monday, January 22, 2007

Never expect that I will fall in love ...

with a Taiwan TV SEriES !!!

oh my gosh ... I used to hate Taiwan tv series, specially the teenagers ones with a passion ... But being bored n nothing much to do .. I left the TV running on Channel 56 and there this theme song that I liked (which turn out to be 惡作劇, the mtv below)


I really dig that chorus ...
"I think I will start to miss you, even tho we just met,
I suspect that this chance meeting is a prankster's trick
I think I already slowly fell for you,
becos I got the love and courage
to enter your nasty prank"

I even got the song on my HP now ... been listenning to it a few times before I dift to dreamland ... it's also my special ringtone now : )

and then the first thing that caught my attention was this guy ..

strangely his aloof mannerism is attracting me big time ... dig his korean standard hairdo and that body of his ... I think I will turn gay for him if he ask me to !! drool siah ... got some more pics of him n that "cute" co star that other guys most likely will be drooling for (but not me .. not even slightly attracted to her at all)

See Got 2 Babes beside him n he look so frustrated ... my tpe of man

yup that Joe Cheng as Jiang Zhi Shu .. u can catch him and that other girl 's It Started with a Kiss ( 惡作劇之吻 )on Starhub Channel 56 Every Sunday 7pm to 9pm!

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mei said...

Ahahah, about 6 or 7 years ago, there was a Japanese drama series of this story too. (it's based on a manga series) The Japanese guy totally looks better than this one :p

I haven't seen this one though, cos er I don't watch Taiwanese dramas.

So apparently you have a weakness for Taiwanese guys? :o

DizzNey said...

here's more info about the soundtrack:

and as for the guy, he is called zheng yuan chang, and is confirmed a member of the GC. but he first shone in The Rose with S.H.E., that's where he was convincingly touching as a member of the GC. i can send you the brilliant theme song for that show if you want.

so... can i be your youngest brother?

richardlimjr said...

NO la ... I dont have a weakness for Taiwanese Guys ... this is the first time : )

U are the second one that told me abt the Japanese series : ) the first one is your good friend

richardlimjr said...

hahah i only like one song ! the prankster's trick ... the rest not tat much ... but thanks for the link

haha and yes u can be my youngest brother !