Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kanna Recall

While out covering Mr Chow's visit, I received a call from a NSF informing that I gotto go back for RT* every Tue n Thur Night

* RT: for those who dont know , it's Remedial Training for those who don't pass their IPPT (physical test = not fit enough)

Was rather surprised at the call becos 1) I haven't even gone for a IPPT test yet and 2) I failed my last medical so badly that I been deemed as unfit for service.

If it wasn't 1) I done similar stuff during my tour of duty (calling NSmen back for medical check up n etc), 2) I have a hidden desire to do my IPPT again (yeah for an attempt for some award money and a good reason to do keep fit again)and 3) that I think there something fishy going on and would want to discover what going on, I would tekan (punish) the NSF until jialat jialat.

So for the reasons above .. I played along .. declare my last medical results and even question why I didn't get a letter from them instead ... the NSF guy was good enough to play along until I think he knew he was getting nowhere with me ... yeah not falling for it and he told me to call his supervisor to clarify

RIGHT !!! Call his supervisor up ??? don't think I will ever waste even 1 cents on NS siah ... TOLD him to ask his supervisor to call me instead

and in a little while, a familiar number appeared on my hp ... somebody too free siah ... Must call their unit up and suggest some work for them to do ah

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