Monday, December 11, 2006

Frequent Flyer Miles

Here we go again ... kanna fly aeroplane again ...

my friend ask me to send his regards to a certain celebrity later and I told him that it was cancel a few hours ago before he send me the msg

not that i am sore abt the cancellation but it just happen last friday, the same organiser cancelled our scheduled interview with another group of celebrities at the very last moment

so i told my friend that

"this past few days, we flew so much that we can redeem our frequent flyer miles for a trip to the moon and back"

Disclaimer: i am not upset .. that comment was just to make light of the two no show events that just happened this week ... my fren did crack up enough to laugh at it ... so if u happen to be someone in the local media ... pls dont take it so seriously hor or go spread the news hor

I don't think the organiser did it to spike us or make a fool out of us ... there was some miscommunication and we being rather small compared to the big media in this little red dot is pretty much expendable.

The organiser are also sometime helpless with the demands of the stars ... so can't really blame them as they were nice enough to give us the opportunity to do an interview with the stars

Sometimes, I also felt that althought we are small fish in the local media arena and had to face woes of the pecking order, Singapore by consideration in the world wide media stage is considered to be a very small fish in a big pond. What we are going thru might be exactly what they are going thru too

and plus i am kinda dreading to attend this two events so I am not that upset that it turned to be a no show for us even tho I did some prep for it : ) More time to do my own work too

Hope the tomorrow date with Mr Chow won't be turn out to be that bad : )

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