Friday, September 29, 2006

Quote of the Day for the Movie Industry

"No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the general public"

~H.L. Mencken~
That Quote keep appearing in reviews that tried to explain why JackAss 2 is currently on the top of the US Box Office.
It can be applied here too. Little Man took the top of our Box Office while the critically well received Singapore Dreaming came in at #5. As the weeks go by, Little Man continues to out rank Singapore Dreaming while the enjoyable & well made Korean movie, The Host slipped past Singapore Dreaming.
Kinda tells a lot about the Local and US viewers right ?
Since I am in the complain mode (the cynical ah Pek version)
Over at RottenTomatoes, Jet Li's Fearless got 71% Freshness! Sigh, must the Ang Mo critics never watch enough foreign movies so they are raving about this above average B Grade Chinese movie.
So Nice meh ? Just because got fight fight , kick kick and your jaws cannot lift off the floor already ah ? This is one of the worst "based on real life character" movie I ever seen.

Back in Asia, there’s news about Ye Yan (The Banquet) representing Hong Kong for the Oscar Best Foreign Film instead of China. This might be arranged so that Zhang Yi Mou’s Curse of the Golden Flowers (which was renamed for the US market) could represent China.

Don’t think the Hong Kong folks are happy about this as they would prefer a more “Made in Hong Kong” film to represent them instead. There are a couple of films out this year that I felt could represent Hong Kong in the next Oscar. Films such as Election 2 and Isabella or even Exiled (which is not out yet but there a strange buzz about it for me) deserve a nomination or two. Even though Isabella and Exiled were mostly filmed in Macau, there more HK flavor to it then Ye Yan (The Banquet).

It’s quite sad day for movie news and Mr Zhang, stop bending backwards for the Ang Mos


Reel Fanatic said...

I haven't managed to see either flick, but given Zhang's track record and the stars in "Golden Flower," I thought it would be a shoo=in .. but you're right, many critics are just stupid

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog U got there Mr Reel Fanatic !

Anyway, Golden Flower had just been confirmed as the rep for China this coming Oscar.

Even tho I am losing interest in Zhang's film, I think I will still pop in a cinema to check the film out.