Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lost Cause

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
Lord Acton

Power that left unchecked often surround one with temptation and how often can even one with the noblest initial intention crumble to desire? After all, with the effort put in, rewards should be well deserved and even unquestionable. So who would or even dare to stop the well deserved rewards of one's hard work?
"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it."
Oscar Wilde

On the other hand, even though it a "right” doesn't it corrupt the initial ideal?

Who would be so noble to fight for the ideal if it doesn't reap rewards? Would someone go the extent to do what they believe it's right and not seek any compensation? Risk their life, time, effort to do what they truly believe and stand for?

There are a few and one of such character was portray in this movie, Kekexili; Mountain Patrol. A discussion today with a fellow buff made me realize how much I admired this character even though he was not exactly a great leader as my other fellow movie fanatic pointed out to me. He was the leader of a group of Mountain Patrol whose objective was to deter poachers from killing the rare and near extinction deer in Kekexili.

Not going to give out too much spoilers here except to say it was one against the majority scenario. A thankless job that often left one ridiculed.

I often want to ask this group of people,

"Is it worth it?"

With your talent, you could be doing other things that could bring in more valuable financial resources. Have a better life instead of pleading with people who do not really give a damn about the big picture but more of their own selfish life.

“Does your passion really fuel your journey?”

“Who is still fighting? And who are you fighting for?”

Don’t it feel like a lost cause and let’s just wait for the end of our own undoing while reaping whatever riches we can? Even at the expenses of our future generations for we won’t be living their life after all, so what if we trash it a bit for our own enjoyment now?


Anonymous said...

have u watched 12 angry men. Wah u should watch it, great plot smart dialogues, it's one against the majority too.

Anonymous said...

I borrowed the Dvd before but Never got down to watching it. Thanks for the recommendation ! Cheers


Anonymous said...

did u know that oscar wilde was gay, was married with kids?

Yielding to temptation...hmmmm i would definitely go to hell for gluttony, sloth and lust..