Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fish & Co @ Changi Airport T2

I was having dinner at Fish & Co with my bunch of movie fanatic friends. Initally I wanted to order the traditional Fish & Chips but one of my friend helped me to order the New York Fish & Chips instead and when I tried to correct the order, the waitress highly recommended me to stick with it.

After trying it, I fell in Love with Fish & Co again and long to go back to try the New York Fish & Chips once more.

Consumed >

New York Fish & Chips

Goodies > Oh boy, who would knew that Fish & Chips with generous Parmesan cheese stuffing taste so good. The Fish & Chips taste extra crispy on the outside and super yummy on the inside.

Yuckies > The wait was a bit long. The queue before getting the seat and after ordering our meals, it felt that it took abit longer than usual. Plus Fish & Co price are not for everyday meal.

Cost > $17.50 (Inl. GST and Service Charge)
Returning (?) > Sure! if I got the money
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Anonymous said...

My sister and I would like to thank Bryan at wheelock place for a wonderful lunch experience yesterday.

Bryan was very helpful and patient with us. He is very knowledgable and always have a smile on his face.

We will be back for more!