Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Never Ending Sweet Dreams

I been having a series of Sweet Dreams ... no Great Dreams ... dreams that you don't want to wake up from or just want to fall back to sleepland and try to continue with the dreams

and it's been going on and on for almost a week now...

the last one that I had was that I went Diving and the water was crystal clear, even we are close to shore and just getting ready to dive. there are so many different color of fishes around and even turtle with it's nest of eggs (which i should know by then that it's a dream cos they lay eggs on the beach and not in sea water) .. and just before I could get to dive with my partner, I was woken up.

I could even taste the salt water on my lips ...

there were a few other sweet dreams that I been getting and the two that I remember were seating front row at Pet Shop Boys concert and playing tournament Basketball Games.

one thing this sweet dreams have in common ... I always wake up before the best bits.

for the Pet Shop Boys concert, I was there front row while they are practicing and chatting with us Fans ... i was waiting and hopping that the concert will start soon but I never got to see that or spoke to them.

for the basketball games ... it was those sweaty games that i loved and missed. it's a tournament style and we just got pass the first round, checked out the opponent’s game and was getting ready for the next game .. but as again, I never got to see that again ...

I don't know if tat a good thing or not ...these are the best dreams that I ever had in a long time and they come in a series ... but then, I never see them come true.

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