Wednesday, August 30, 2006

cleft lip

nope I wasn't born with it ...

was kinda shock when my mom told me that her friend that I had it becos of a scar right between my lip and nose...

I guess it's because of Faye Wong and her daughter that my scar got the attention.

How did I got the scar ?

It was a dog ... not a big one but a small dog that I teased until it hided under a bed. Unwisely, I stuck my nose into places where I shouldn't and the small dog fought back.

and it was a holiday somemore ... cos I remember it was pretty hard to find a doctor and my whole mouth was filled with blood. At first I thought my whole lip came off but after the doctor wipe off the blood, it wasnt that bad. There are two cuts but the lips wasn't falling off as I thought it was.

after all that, I still like dogs ... I just didnt like the small noisy ones.

What ? U never notice it ? take a closer look next time!

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