Friday, April 28, 2006

the cows are back again!

hey hey hey those cows are back !!! was walking to Sim Lim Sq and was surprised to see those colourful cows at a open space opposite SLS! I know it's to promote moove media but those cows really brighten up my day : ) hehehe I know I am not the only one taking pics of them : )

Spotted 3 areas with these cows : ) and there are

Albert Rd

Selegie Rd

Orchard Rd

Let's do some Cowspotting


dgital said...


I feel like doing a drive-by-pick-up-dashoff aka "stealing"...i don't even mind the smallest ones...

richardlimjr said...

oh my gosh, I also feel like "stealing" one : ) but no place to put in my place