Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ear Worm: Stoned

Chicane : Stoned in Love (featuring Tom Jones)

I was searching for Johnny Cash's songs and instead found a new song with Chicane name on it and he got Mr Sex Bomb to sing it ... a few minutes later, this song is being played over n over again on my playlist

“You are stoned in love but not with me”

It didnt sound like Tom Jones at all until the chorus part when his trademark voice became evident ... this gotto be my favourite Tom Jones' song, kudos to him for working Chicane

sigh but I dont think can find Chicane's CD in Singapore shops ... dont think anyone heard of it before. Chicane's 3rd album didnt even make it pass the promo period over at the UK ... I hope this latest album will at least be able to see the some playtime in UK and hopefully then it will also catches on here.

if you are interested in techno blending with new age type of music, Chicane is worth checking it out

Other older tracks that I recommend would be

No Ordinary Morning (it was this song's MTV that got me started on Chicane)
The Drive Home
Autumn Tactics

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