Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The walkabout

Haven’t walk so much in a day for the longest time.

My Journey started at Great World City where I had my late lunch and was going to meet my friends for Tom Cruise’s Mi:3. Declining a free ride to my destination because there was a free bus ride from Great World City to Orchard Rd and luck wasn’t on my side, I missed the free ride by just mere seconds. I literally saw the bus going off in front of me.

The next free service was going to be half hour later and if I waited, I will be late for the show. So the next viable option would be the “paid” bus service and before I took a step towards the bus stop, I realized something …

Loki had my Ezlink card !!! Argh ! I left it with him when he helped me to collect points at Mac but I forgot to collect it back from him.

20 – 15 mins of fast walk to Cathay Cineleisure.

I made it in time but strangely, my friends wasn’t. Turn out that there was a mistake in the location. There’s another Cathay cinema in town and on one stretch of the road, yup now there are 2 Cathay Cineplex. Double Argh!! The show was supposed to start at 4.10pm and we (the other friend who thought it was the Orchard Cineleisure) had to rush down and hope that we won’t miss the opening segment of Mi.3 (which normally have some amazing sequences).

15 – 10 mins of fast walk cum bus ride to The Cathay.

Amazing, we didn’t miss a thing. We made it in time and we were still able to catch an “Over The Hedge” spoof of Mi3 trailer. But then the sound quality was simply terrible.

After the movie, I was supposed to collect “The Voice” posters on behalf of Linus because I was expecting to watch the preview of “Lie With Me” with Stefan. But just the day before, I was replaced by Shaiful as 1) cancellation of a rally (Thanks ah PAP!) and 2) age concern.

Still because I promised Linus that I will be collecting those posters, I begun my journey back down that long stretch of Orchard Road.

30 – 25 mins of slow walk to Shaw Lido.

And guess what? Patrick who was reviewing “The Voice” took the posters with him after he was done with the film.

Wa Liew! Another 30 mins of walk back to my place.

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