Thursday, March 16, 2006

the stranger who took onion ring from my friend

Was having dinner with Patrick at Orchard Cineplex's BK when this stranger came and asked if he could seat with us.

We were okie with it since there were a few empty seats at our table. Patrick and I continued chatting until this stranger suddenly asked if he could take one of the onion rings that we are having.

I was slightly irked by it but Patrick was still able to smile at him and told him it was ok.

But this guy didn't stop at one. He continued to read his newspaper and helped himself as if he had bought the onion rings. He didn't even bothered to ask anymore, which I will do sometimes if I am taking food from my friends and really turned me off.

So I gave him the stare and suddenly he remembered to ask again! Argh ! what the ???

After he left, I turned to Patrick and told him that guy was too much and very rude. To my surprise, Patrick revealed that he meet this type of guys everyday. At first, I thought that this type of guys must have find Patrick easy to bully and kinda felt bad for him.

It was then he revealed that it was his job scope to help jobless guys like the one who took his onion rings to find a job. He had met cases that are worse off than the one we had just met. The more he revealed about them and how he would offer biscuits to them to ease their hunger, the more I am impress with what my friend does and what a kind and giving heart he got.

I have to agree with Patrick that it’s rather difficult for them to find a job when they don’t even have enough money to feed themselves but then my stance is still the same, it’s by their own choices that they got into their situations and if they always want people to help them to fish, they will never learn how to fish for themselves.

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