Monday, January 23, 2006

Revamp Room Pt 4: Home Theatre Step 1 ?

was going to threw away my hifi set too but decided that I am throwing away too many things liao so I tried to salvage the hifi

I know the CD player had already gone bonkers liao, the radio FM can't connect to any radio stations at all and one Speaker has problem handling bass.

so before I can condemn the hifi, I decided to plug it to my dvd player and TV and hey it sound quite good! even Denise says that it sound like cinema ... yeah i know it's not a great system or speakers but then it's better than what my tv can produces

but the left speakers got quite a long tear and every time there strong bass, it's like it's going to rip itself apart. hmmm need to consult an expert on this if I can fix it with strong glue.

the sound that it's producing is kinda spurring me on to build on my first HOme Theatre sound system


Stefan S said...

i wonder what AT would say if he sees this :P

richardlimjr said...

NO NO NO ! please NO !