Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ebay : the 5 hours wait and the $1.50 differences

I finally found the Brazil's version of City of God dvd on ebay going at a affordable/reasonable price (starting price US$11) (even tho it's second hand). Even the shipping cost was cheap compared to the other seller's shipping cost (only US$6+). If i would to buy this brand new from a online seller (from Brazil I assumed), the DvD will cost around US$28 dollars and the shipping will cost US$30! yeah shipping more expensive than the Dvds!

My plan was to bid at the very last moment so in order to outbid anyone else that was going to bid for this item. But alas! the end bid timing for this item was at 6-7am in the morning ! yeah I know it's around evening time for the USA folks but it's the damn freaking early morning on our side!

sigh at around 1.45am, I had to go to sleep and staying up all the way wasn't an option. I placed a bid around US$14 dollars and to my surprise I was the highest bidder! seems like not much competition on this one and I thought I might be able to win this after all, I set my alarm clock at 6.45 which is the end bid deadline and took a nap.

Disaster strikes when I was able to get up after the alarm clock did it's job! It's like the mind is semi awake but the body is stiff like a zombie. It was only after 7am, then I was able to drag myself to turn my computer on (bad idea carried off before I slept! to turn off my cpu which takes a long time to be turn on).

By the time I was able to access the Ebay, the auction was over and the winner won by just out bidding me by $1.50! argh ! all this effort of watching this item, waking up so damn early in the morning all gone to waste !

sigh ! could have should have ! all this drama before breakfast !

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