Friday, January 06, 2006

How i saved 10 cents on my bus ride : )

Today when taking a bus back home, my ez link card ran out of money and I have to pay by coins. The Bus driver wasn't really nice in telling me how much to pay and told me $1.10 for the distance of 5 bus stops. When I told him that it's only 5 stops away, he unwilling/unfriendly told me that it's 90 cents ride ... argh

So I took out 90 cents and when I was about to drop them into the coin box, I saw a 1-dollar coin wedge in the coin box entrance. Since the Bus Driver was kinda rude to me and being a cheapo, I took the obstructing 1-dollar coin out and drop my 90 cents into the coin box.

Happily I sat down and did some calculation on how much I saved today ! heheh 10 Cents !!!

Anyway just to prove that the Bus Driver was Rude, before my stop, he actually came out of his operating area and asked a passenger sitting in front when is she getting down, hinting that she might be cheating the bus fare and the female passenger told him that she is using ez-link card. Then the passenger turn to her friend and give that "wah lao" look

Yes U bus Driver of #36 bus plate number SBS3675 going from Marina heading towards Orchard Rd at around 1045pm ... You better learn how to be nicer to your passenger


Wei farted out loud@ said...

since u have all the details taken down. do lodge a complaint agst the bus driver. cc to the st forum and today. they deserve to be punished.

richardlimjr said...

don wan ... later they make me cough out the 1 dollar how ! then i Lugi

Stefan S said...

you could like, use that 1 dollar coin, and save 90c!

(haha, just screwing with your mind! but it's one of those classic $ situations that con-men try to gain the upper hand on)