Friday, January 06, 2006

Blowing my own trumpet

Just met up with my secondary school friend, Delong and passed him the book that I got Neil Gaimen (with massb's help !) to autograph for him. It was a long over due surprise as I wasn’t able to contact him after his wedding and forgot to try to post this book to him during the Christmas period. The whole experience can be summaries as below

Cost of Book: $20 +
Getting Neil Gaiman to Sign it: 2 hours wait
Seeing my friend’s expression when he saw Neil Gaiman Signed “Delong Dream Neil Gaiman” : Priceless

I don’t know why, it’s easier for me to spend money on gifts to others than to myself. Recently my little friend’s birthday on the 1st of Jan, I got him a remote control plane that cost about $50 dollars without batting an eyelid. For the same amount of money, I been thinking, delaying and thinking whether or not to buy a Korean Dvd. Argh … must learn to be nicer to myself.

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