Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Traditional A&W stop over

As usual, the trip back from KL/Penang would not be complete without the stopover at A&W. The Diff this time was that we knew where to stop. The previous stopover was at Sungei Buloh and the food was terrible. This time round, under the wise advice of my co-driver, we stop over at Ayer Keroh (State of Malacca) instead. Even tho we missed the lunch time hour, it was well worth the wait.

and the grades are;

RootBeer Float - PASS (The very first sign of Frosty Mug was a comforting one)
Curly Fries - Pass (as usual)
Waffle Butter - Supplementary PASS (the Waffle's great but the maple syrup wasn't sweet enough)
Corny Dogs - Fail (The HotDog's Skin like rubber siah)

From now on, will only stop over at Ayer Keroh for A&W

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