Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Torturing a crab and other fun stuff at the beach

A recollection of a walk at a nearby beach after the morning buffet

~ First Encounter, a Sleeping Dog ! ~ dare not go to near it~

~ She Sells SeaShells on the Sea Shore ~

~the hole where does it lead to ? who dug it ?~

~it was the hard working crab who had the unfortunate luck of running into us~

~who thought it was a good idea to seek shelter under my shoes~

~and even tried to hide under my butt and by that action I shall name it; Butt Crab~

~The Crab was not harm in anyway during the photo shoot and the chase. We believed that it will be great tale that this crab will tell it's grandkids ... "you know grandcrab once stood against 2 human and live to tell the tale" ~

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