Friday, December 16, 2005

First Dvd Purchase ~ part 5 ~ the second package

The first thing I noticed yesterday when I reach home from the up north trip was a notice slip from Singpost to collect a bulk item from them.

Mr Postman came to my place on the 12th Dec but no one was at home to receive the package so i gotto go the nearest Post Office to pick up my parcel. Tho I was pretty tired from the trip, I can't wait for 8.30pm (that when the Post Office Opens) and was out of my place once I could open my eyes.

The parcel was bigger than I had expected for housing one Dvd title. I was also expecting a slower delivery time for one Dvd Title package but it reaches my place within 7 working days. Overall the "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" Dvd came in good condition and I am still pretty happy with my purchase with DDD so far.

Now left with "Swimming with Sharks" and I am kinda expecting it to reach me by the 19th Dec ... let's see how lucky I get


Lecter said...

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richardlimjr said...

I dont understand the tagged thingy ... what issit ??